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Thursday, June 5, 2008

A European People’s Movement

One of the main charges thrown at the BNP by the media is that we are ‘xenophobic’ and that our hatred of the European Union as an institution is based on some primitive hatred of our fellow European nations and peoples.

This has always been a blatant lie peddled by the press, but the time has now come to define a new form of Europeanism that we can and do support.
The writer Frjordman in The Brussels Journal has made the superb suggestion that the indigenous peoples of Europe form an non-political European People’s Movement to defend our Western Civilisation, National Cultures and to preserve our rights of national self-determination, our ancestral traditions and our democratic sovereignty as the majority peoples in our own homelands.

The BNP is determined that never again will Europeans go to war with Europeans. Too much brothers’ blood has been shed in the wars of the 20th century, and we are determined that never again will the nations and peoples of Europe wage war against each other. It is a fundamental part of our political goals that Europe remains in peace and free from both internal terrorism and also free from the future threat of eruptions of poisonous nationalism that may seek to set European nation against European nation.

This new European movement must be non-partisan and non-political and formed not in the interests of political parties, but in the interests solely of defending Western Civilisation. Activists in all European nations must form their own sections of this movement, and then begin to co-operate with the representatives of all other European groups. Each nation must form their own national resistance movement and then work with all the other European groups so as to support each other.

This will be a peaceful civil rights movement with an emphasis on peaceful campaigning and peaceful protest.

Only when such a movement arises and adopts the strategy and tactics of the civil rights campaigners in the United States of the 1960’s who also demanded social justice, will our corrupt national governments begin to listen to the concerns of our communities regarding the removal and undermining of our national and European cultures.
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