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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Food For Everyone

Jacob R. Mittleider is regarded as a hero in many countries and has revolutonized the way crops are grown and how to get outstanding yeilds from even the worst soils. If you really want to be successful growing your own food you need to study this method closely.

Jacob R. Mittleider was born in Blackfoot, Idaho. After completing formal schooling, he moved to California and concentrated on a scientific and practical study of agriculture. His primary interest was raising beautiful flowers and shrubbery, and in 1944 he founded Mitts Nursery, Inc., in Loma Linda, California. For 19 years his products sold widely and many millions of his flowers graced the homes and flower gardens of people from California to Maine.

Dr Mittleider invented eleven new varieties of carnations, which carry such intriguing names as Moon Moth, Firelight, and April Dawn. Franchise arrangements also produced these in Europe and South Africa. To speed delivery of his plants, he developed Magic Mitts, a new method of growing, packaging, and delivering plants and flowers through a nation-wide retail chain (eleven plants in a single five-ounce package). During these years he conquered weeds, harmful insects, and plant diseases and perfected The Mittleider Method, a technique for making soil produce near-perfect plants and flowers in budget-balancing abundance.

In 1963, Dr. Mittleider closed his successful nursery business and decided to live on his modest annuity so he could devote his remaining years to serving mankind in the field of scientific food production. He became an instructor in the Extension Faculty of Loma Linda University and a highly sought-after International Agricultural Consultant. In these capacities he has given extensive instruction and created 75 successful vegetable-gardening teaching and demonstration projects in many locations throughout the U. S. A. and Canada, as well as New Guinea, Fiji, Okinawa, the Philippines, Trinidad (West Indies), Mexico, Honduras, Guyana, and Africa. Of particular note, from 1989 to 1996, he conducted season-long gardening courses in Russia, established a permanent Agriculture department in a college there and taught hundreds of adult students from throughout the Commonwealth. He helped the Russion people increase their food crops from 4 (cabbage, potatoes, beets, and carrots) to 23. His gardening books have been translated into Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.

During the time he was teaching in the developing countries, Dr. Mittleider was honored with two Doctorate degrees - one from Florida Beacon College, and the other from Timirjazjiv University in Moscow, Russia (reputedly the most prestigious school in the Russian Commonwealth). Since 1996 Dr. Mittleider has been a consultant and instructor at two major gardening projects in the United States. He and his wife, Mildred, are currently living in Redlands, California.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Citizens Rule Book

The citizens rule book is a great resource for anyone interested in their freedoms and rights. Every American should read this resource. Not knowing how to act as citizens has caused a fall from the republic into a democracy lead by corporations with self interests at heart.

This handbook is geared toward the juror, but it provides tools and resources for the everyday American. Take time to educate yourself and become a better citizen.

Here is an citation from this resource:


There are few ways out of bondage. Bloodshed and war often result, but our founding fathers learned of a better way. Realizing that a CREATOR is always above and greater than that which He creates, they established a three vote system by which an informed citizenry can control those acting in the name of the government. To be a good master you must always remember the true “pecking order” or chain of command in this nation:
1. GOD created man . . .
2. Man (that’s you) created the Constitution . . .
3. Constitution created government . . .
4. Government created corporations . .etc.

The base of power was to remain in WE THE PEOPLE but unfortunately, it was lost to those leaders acting in the name of the government, such as politicians, bureaucrats, judges, lawyers, etc.

As a result America began to function like a democracy instead of a REPUBLIC. A democracy is dangerous because it is a one-vote system as opposed to a Republic, which is a three-vote system: Three votes to check tyranny, not just one. American citizens have not been informed of their other two votes.

Our first vote is at the polls on election-day when we pick those who are to represent us in the seats of government. But what can be done if those elected officials just don’t perform as promised or expected? Well, the second two votes are the most effective means by which the common people of any nation on earth have even had in controlling those appointed to serve them in government.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007


This is a great resource for anyone looking to create and sustain long term change. Here is an citation from this free resource. Use it in good health.

Coups d’├ętat, terrorist attacks, conventional wars or even the use of horrible weapons of mass destruction are all ways of struggling for political power. In this book, you will learn about another way: strategic nonviolent struggle.

In order to conduct a nonviolent struggle, you first need to understand the nature of political power.

Developing this knowledge is crucial, since one of the main objectives of any struggle is either to obtain political power, or to deny it to somebody else.

After you understand the models, nature and sources of political power, you will then learn about the organizations and institutions through which power is exercised, called “pillars of support.”

At the end of the section you will discover what lies at the heart of political power - obedience - and understand that if people do not obey, the ruler cannot rule!

Visit this site and download the free resources: CANVAS