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Sunday, December 9, 2007


This is a great resource for anyone looking to create and sustain long term change. Here is an citation from this free resource. Use it in good health.

Coups d’├ętat, terrorist attacks, conventional wars or even the use of horrible weapons of mass destruction are all ways of struggling for political power. In this book, you will learn about another way: strategic nonviolent struggle.

In order to conduct a nonviolent struggle, you first need to understand the nature of political power.

Developing this knowledge is crucial, since one of the main objectives of any struggle is either to obtain political power, or to deny it to somebody else.

After you understand the models, nature and sources of political power, you will then learn about the organizations and institutions through which power is exercised, called “pillars of support.”

At the end of the section you will discover what lies at the heart of political power - obedience - and understand that if people do not obey, the ruler cannot rule!

Visit this site and download the free resources: CANVAS

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